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AARC Membership


Interested in rowing and developing your skills? Or, are you a past member who wants to keep up with the happenings of AARC? There are now two membership options, Friend of AARC and Full Member.

Friend of AARC
This membership is for previous members who want to keep up with the happenings at AARC. This membership allows one to receive emailings.

Full Member (included in program+membership fee)
As a full member of AARC, you will enjoy being connected with a group of unique, fun, and fitness-minded individuals who really love to row!  Come join us for another season of hard work, improvement and general fun & camaraderie…Argo is waiting! 


AARC is a member-operated, community club. Participation in our programs requires AARC full membership and program subscription(s). Fees are paid based on member types (Regular or Student/Vet), the program and season.

All requests for Friend of AARC or Full memberships begin by signing our Joining Agreement. In advance of signing, you may read the document here. Once signed, members can select from the programs described below, review the links to learn more about our programs, sign up and pay membership and program fees.

Rowing Programs

  • We offer classes for new rowers and scullers, adults and youth (of High School age),  Learn to Scull (LTS) and Learn to Row (LTR).
  • We offer coached sweep rowing practices for rowers with various goals:
    • For recent learners and those developing technique, we offer the Technical Sweep program.
    • Open Sweep is for experienced sweep rowers focusing on improving fitness and development of more advanced rowing techniques.
    • Members of the Open Sweep/Sculling program has the opportunity to participate in un-coached Captain's practices and Club Sculling practices (based on sculling coach approval). 
  • Through our Inclusive program, we also offer specialized programs for veterans and adaptive programs for athletes with physical or cognitive disabilities, such as autism spectrum disorder.
  • Each year, we also offer a Winter Training program, of on-land, group erging practices (using rowing machines).


Coached practices are offered over three on-water seasons and a winter season on land:
Spring (April, May), Summer (June, July, August), Fall (September-October) and Winter (December-March).

You can join at any time, but membership and program fees are divided into annual or seasonal payments (see Fees and Registration).

Member Expectations

AARC is a member-operated, community club, to preserve the above benefits and keep rowing vital in the Ann Arbor area, all members must share in the responsibility for safety and stewardship. All members, regardless of level, are expected to remain in good standing by the following:
  • Signed waiver for participation
  • Knowing, following and upholding all Club Rules
  • Knowing, following and upholding safety requirements at all times, including the reporting of  issues and concerns
  • Timely payment of rowing fees
  • Participation in AARC Stewardship Program, designed to spread the club’s essential work among all members

Member Benefits

Learning Member (LTR, LTS, YLTS) Private Boat Owner (PBO) Member Inclusive Member  Technical, Open/Club Sculling Member  Coach or Coxswain Member Winter Member 
 Eligible to participate in program practices and access to large fleet of shells  
 Eligible to participate in coached inclusive practices  
 Race for AARC at MCI

 Race under AARC colors at local, regional & national events


Receive the AARC newsletter The Weekly Catch X  X
X X  

 Access to social events  X
X  X

 May attend monthly Board meetings  
X X  X
 Full voting member 
X (if 18 or older) X (if 18 or older)
X (if 18 or older)
 Eligible to register for Winter Training  X
 X X  X  X  X

Ready to Join?
Once you identify which program you are interested in, sign our Joining Agreement, complete your membership registration and program subscription request (see Fees and Registration), then submit the fee online. You will be assigned a username and password, enabling you to log on to the AARC member only site, where you will have access to additional information.         

Have more questions?  Please don’t hesitate to contact us as

AARC endeavors to make rowing accessible to the broad community.  Scholarships are available to those with financial need to support participation.  
AARC is a 501(c)3 organization.  Donations made to AARC may be eligible for tax deduction.  Please check with your tax consultant.
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