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Attendance Policy for Sweep Rowing

Whether for recreational purposes or competition, rowing is a fitness and skill demanding team sport.  Every Masters’ program relies on the mutual commitment of rowers and coaches to these demands if it is to thrive. 

  • Rowers should arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the practice start time.  
  • Attendance is expected for rowers who have pre-scheduled--this includes Open and Novice programs, morning and evening.
  • If known in advance, rowers must utilize the appropriate "Sub Forum" to seek their substitute. Please see  Setting Up AARC Forums
  • Emergency circumstances that prevent you from meeting your pre-scheduled commitment must be communicated to the Director of Rowing Programs (DORP) in advance if at all possible. 
  • Drop-ins (available for evening practice only)

Penalty System for unexcused absences/ no-shows

  • First unexcused absence--Verbal and written warning from the DORP  
  • Second unexcused absence--The rower will not be scheduled for the next week for which he/she requests to be scheduled.   Evening drop-in rowing is still allowed. 
  • Subsequent unexcused absences--As per the second unexcused absence with additional weeks for which the rower will not be scheduled.

AARC endeavors to make rowing accessible to the broad community.  Scholarships are available to those with financial need to support participation.  
AARC is a 501(c)3 organization.  Donations made to AARC may be eligible for tax deduction.  Please check with your tax consultant.
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