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Ann Arbor Rowing Club

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2023 AARC Program Fee Schedule

AARC is a member-operated, community club. Participation in our programs requires AARC membership, and program subscription(s), and stewardship volunteer hours.

There are three important steps to complete in order to row with AARC.

1. You must click the link and pay $25 to become a Full Member of AARC.
2. You must complete your USRowing Individual Membership including USRowing waiver and SafeSport training. Do this by visiting their Membership Portal
You'll see two large icons – "Individuals" and "Organizations." You want to select "Individuals." The AARC code is: 

3. You must sign up and pay for a rowing program. See the Program Registration & Payment table below. (Please read our Refund Policy before committing to a program)

2023 Season Schedule

Spring (April 3-May 26), Summer (May 30-September 1), Fall (September 5-October 28)

Program Registration & Payment


Regular / Student or Veteran

Open Sweep/Scull Spring  

  Fall $340/$255

Technical Sweep Spring  
  Fall $310/$235
PBO Boathouse Rack

Approval required
PBO Outdoor Rack

Approval required

AARC endeavors to make rowing accessible to the broad community. We offer a 25% discount for college, professional & graduate students, as well as Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces. To support participation, scholarships are also available to those with financial need.

Learning Programs
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Regular / Student or Veteran
Membership Required?
Learn to Scull $300 / $225 YES
Learn to Row
$300 / $225 YES

AARC endeavors to make rowing accessible to the broad community.  Scholarships are available to those with financial need to support participation.  
AARC is a 501(c)3 organization.  Donations made to AARC may be eligible for tax deduction.  Please check with your tax consultant.
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