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AARC Gear  
Team apparel is typically acquired through group orders organized during the season.  AARC uses JL Racing for our unique team gear and typically conducts two main group orders early spring & late summer.  Pricing of items will fluctuate based on volume other words, grouping our order gives us the best pricing!
Due to variety of choices for your race/clothing attire, AARC keeps very few items "in stock".  Any available stock is listed next to the item below. Items that are relatively inexpensive, such as caps and water bottles, the club can afford to keep in stock. Any item that is "in stock" is available for timely delivery to the boathouse--all you have to do is email us with your order, arrange payment, and we'll deliver your item to the boathouse.
Items not listed as in stock will only be available through the JL Team Store.  Team Stores will be offered 2-3 times per season--look for announcements in The Weekly Catch.
JL Team Store
Most items, planning is necessary on your part!We organize group orders periodically, so look for them in the Weekly Catch.
Please note, AARC can assist in you in ordering items at any time; however, costs will be significantly higher.
How the Team Store works:
  • AARC will have custom items--race & technical gear--available periodically during the season.
  • Team Stores are "open" for a short time with members selecting items and paying directly to JL.  A special web link will be made available.
  • Product is shipped in bulk to the AARC Merchandise Coordinator for distribution
  • Want other options or have ideas for gear?Contact to share your might see them in the next store


How to Order
Email us as much detail as you can on size, etc. Once your order has been accepted and processed, you will receive an email instructing you to logon to the club website and make payment through Club Express (just as you do now for paying club dues and regatta fees).
After you make payment, Club Express sends you a confirmation email. One final detail: if your email address is not up to date on the club web site, then you will not receive your notice to make payment, delaying delivery of your purchase.
Payment Process
Payment is by credit card only and is billed through your club account via Club Express. Non-members can contact the merchandise team for payment options.
Need to order?  Have a question?  Have a suggestion for a merchandise item you would like AARC to consider?  Contact the merch team.

Race Gear 

Race Gear Design

AARC race gear is all through the JL line of products! Whether you prefer separates or a uni, all rowers will coordinate in the boat with the Simple Segue design--flattering and fierce!  Logos on all race items will be heat transfer to reduce bulk & irritation.

Tanks: Fitted & loose fit styles
Trou:   Unisex & women's cut available
Unis:    Different problem with JL.Top & bottom parts are sized as you need!

Available only during AARC Team Store offerings.

 In-stock Gear

Tech Fabric Racing Hat

Cotton Club Hat

Navy blue racing hat with AARC logo on the front and Ann Arbor Crew on the back.
Brand: JL
In Stock
Navy blue racing hat with AARC logo on the front and Ann Arbor Rowing, on the back
In Stock

Tech Fabric Racing Hat


Club T-Shirt


White racing hat with AARC logo on the front and a plain back.
Brand: JL
Price:  $21
In Stock
Cotton, navy blue only.  This is the official welcome to rowing and the shirt our LTR grads get on completion!  May be worn for novice races.
Price: $12.00
Sizes:S, M, L, XL, 2XL (unisex)
In Stock:All sizes

Logo Decal

 Plaster your team spirit everywhere!  An unbelievable price--no need to buy only one!
Price: $3.00 each.
In Stock

AARC Drawstring Bag

Great for carrying your items to the boat, regattas or anywhere!
Price: $8
In Stock

AARC endeavors to make rowing accessible to the broad community.  Scholarships are available to those with financial need to support participation.  
AARC is a 501(c)3 organization.  Donations made to AARC may be eligible for tax deduction.  Please check with your tax consultant.
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